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OWS-COM Oily Water Separator

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Oily Water Separator

Meeting the 5ppm Challenge!
More than 20,000 ships have already been equipped with RWO’s oily water separators since 1975. Like previous RWO Oily Water Separators, the OWS-COM uses a combination of a highly effective open porous coalescer with automatic backflushing, together with a second stage emulsion breaking oil and hydrocarbon polisher.

The periodical backflushing keeps the coalescer surface clean and offers long lasting operation without attendance and low maintenance, according to IMO Resolution MEPC.107(49).


Automatic bypass saves time and money.

To extend the operating life of the demulsifier, an automatic bypass is fitted to the separating system. The oil content monitor periodically checks the water quality of the first stage separator. If the water quality is below the set PPM value, the demulsifier is bypassed and the bilge does not recirculate - saving time and money.





  • Compact design suitable for new builds and retrofit
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Economical - regular water checks ensure second stage is bypassed whenever possible
  • Suction-type system ensures long pump life
  • Oil Content Monitor activates recirculation mode
    if necessary
  • Model Type / Gallons Per Hour:
    v.0.1 / 26.4 gph
    v.0.25 / 66 gph
    v.0.5 / 132 gph
    v.1.0 / 264 gph
    v.2.5 / 660.4 gph
    v.5.0 / 1320.8 gph
    v.10.0 / 2641.7 gph

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