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Rugged Tactical Computer

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Rugged Tactical Multi-Display Computer System

with 6th Gen Intel® Xeon® CPUs

Powerful, Portable, and Tactical

The RS-S3H Cerberus Tactical Computer System was

designed with direct input from America’s elite warfighters.

The system packages the most powerful 6th generation

Quad CoreTM Intel® XeonTM processors into a rugged,

lightweight PeilcanTM brand 1525 Air Case that is ready to

deploy in the harshest operating environments.


Cerberus features three sunlight-readable backlit LCD

displays at 1000 nits mounted to an innovative internal

armature that isolates shock and vibration, and quickly

folds open or closed for rapid transit. The internal PC

is a fanless design with an extra large heat sink for

exceptional thermal performance. The Cerberus is

available with up to 64 Gb RAM, and boasts a -20°C to

60°C operating temperature range. In real-world tactical

operations, SWAP is always a top concern; at 25 lbs.

Cerberus systems are among the lightest and most

powerful tactical computer systems available.





  • Rugged design for deployment in harsh environments
  • Lightweight - only 25 lbs.
  • PelicanTM brand 1525 Air Case enclosure
  • 3 sunlight-readable Hi-Brite displays
  • Quad Core 6th Generation Intel® XeonTM
  •   Up to 64 Gb RAM
  • Fanless, -20°C to 60°C operating temperature
  • Ruggedized water-resistant keyboard
  • Touchscreen optional



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