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Biological Sewage Treatment System

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Clean Sewage Bio

Sewage Treatment Made Easy

RWO's Clean Sewage Bio system is designed to make wastewater treatment effortless. The system was specifrically designed with access from one side, resulting in a 25% smaller footprint than comparable systems. This means more space in the engine room for ship designers.


Clean Sewage Bio systems feature touchless sludge discharge, and an intuitive operator interface, that allows the operator to check the system and assess it's status quickly and accurately.


 Clean Sewage Bio operates on a proven 3-chamber treatment cycle that ensures the resulting discharge water quality meets stringent MEPC.227(64) standards.


About Clean Sewage Bio System



  • Suitable for black and gray water
  • No harmful or flammable chemicals
  • 3-chambered system with individual biomass carriers
  • No holding tank required
  • Individual control interface for each aggregate
  • 25% smaller footprint than comparable systems
  • Touchless sludge-discharge system
  • Easy to install and maintain - fast restart

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