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Since 1999

NAG Marine is a systems integration technology company that sells, designs, services, and installs shipboard systems and associated control components aboard ocean going vessels. NAG Marine has forged exclusive agreements with VEGA America, RWO Marine Water Technology, Turner Designs Hydrocarbon Instruments, Eltorque, and Rugged Science to provide advanced products for shipboard fluid systems including:


  • Tank Level Indicators
  • Bilge Oil Content Monitors
  • Oily Water Separators
  • Electric Valve Actuators
  • Ruggedized computers, displays,
    and operator interface panels


NAG Marine was originally founded in 1999 to service the automation and liquid control needs of US Navy vessels. NAG Marine's product model is to focus on superior technologies that save time, cost, and manpower over the entire lifecycle of the ship, as well as providing a rapid return on investment. The products and solutions that NAG Marine has provided have excellent operational service records in various fleets.


In addition to reliable systems and products, NAG Marine's key to success is to constantly follow our products.
Our service and installation engineers have unique training and capabilities that allow us to have excellent success with product start-up, calibration and installation.


NAG Marine is headquartered in Norfolk, VA with operations in San Diego, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and the Gulf of Mexico.


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